We are much more than a language school. We are a community of trainers, students, and staff who believe in life-long learning, and we foster a strong student-centered and communicative approach to Teaching and Training. We are an institute of blended learning; our staff provides a high level of personal service and attention to meet the needs of our students. We place students quickly in a program tailored to fit their needs and with a Trainer who ensure to meet their personal and/or professional goals. Our trainers believe in the active use of knowledge not as an end in itself, but as a tool to convey and comprehend intended meaning in the target field. The ZUVS-HOI is also a great place for students to access other learning resources, like movies, television shows, audio recordings, and variety of books for foreign languages, culinary, Kids learning, travel, photography etc.
Owner, Director, Creative Head
"As a hawk flieth not high with one wing, even so a man reacheth not to excellence with one tongue" - Roger Ascham.

Shikha Dhawan is the Owner and Director of Zuvs Halls of Ivy – Blended Learning. She’s the mother of two young boys, but she’s also been an engineer, an analyst, a project manager, a harmonium player, a singer, an anchor and an event organizer. She does her best organizing and managing - work and people. Shikha has travelled across Europe, UK and South East Asia. During her travels she developed a strong passion for languages and cultures and her interest in their interaction. Leaning new languages was always on her bucket list and with Zuvs, it became a reality. Apart from Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Kashmiri and Marathi, Shikha also knows French, German and Japanese. She now delivers linguistics, bilingualism, and foreign language teaching to people all over the globe. She continues to spend her time nerding over google analytics to fulfil her immense desire to integrate more creativity in her work. Her unshakeable conviction is the Czech proverb - You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once!!
German Language Trainer/Translator
He has been a German Language Trainer, Translator and Interpreter for more than 10 years and worked for few Indo-German venture companies, like Siemens, Mercedes, NTT Data, BFZ. Since he has exposure to & knowledge of a large variety of fields, Technical as well as Non-Technical, Technical German Data, User’s Manual, Websites, German Standards (DIN) etc. relating to any Typesetting books, Import-Export Correspondence, Commercials, Certificates, Diplomas etc., his perception and understanding of the requirements arising vis-à-vis his work is unexceptionable, and he finds himself at ease in translating with accuracy, the needs and requirements of his clients as well as of the given assignments.
Human Resources Generalist
Over 18 years of experience as a Human Resources Generalist, vastly experienced into Talent Acquisition, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Human Resource Planning, Administration, Statutory & Legal Compliances, Grievance Handling, HR Interventions, Organizational Change etc.
Currently providing Human Resource & Training consultancy to Education Industry, Automobile Industry, Manpower Industry, Hotel Industry, Pharma Industry etc. Having corresponding to various companies, I have gained experience in communication, correspondences, company’s rules and regulation and more of all to understand an individual, which is very much required for HR personnel.
Within HR more 18 years of experience in handling end to end Human Resource Functions I have handled Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Training Facilitation, Compensation and Benefits, Payroll Interfacing, Employee Relations, Grievance Handling, Performance Appraisal, Administration etc with The Grand New Delhi (5 Star Hotel), The Bristol Hotel (5 Star Hotel), Carlson Wagonlit Travel, FCm Travel Solution (I) Pvt Ltd, Rohan Motors Ltd.
Reasons to Choose Zuvs-HOI
We use the latest technology available today based on the communicative approach and the Common European Framework for language teaching. The interactive methods enable you to speak a foreign language from day one. Our course is organized in levels, to allow you to learn and improve your language skills according to your needs, and in a way that is practical and enjoying at the same time.

Our interactive approach kindles an interest in verbal and social contact with others. The module relies heavily on audio-visual tools, which makes for easier learning language.

Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their skills, qualifications, experience and professionalism, and also for their ability to work enthusiastically with students.

Our office staffs are very cooperative and are always available to answer your questions.

The classrooms are spacious, bright and equipped with air conditioning. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and computers.

Anyone may visit the library and enjoy the collections.However, a membership with the library is required to access specific services: borrowing books and CD’s. Enjoy a dynamic collection of items for every age, language level, and interest. A vast collection of audio and video CDs give students a chance to see how the language is spoken by native speakers.

Our Student Lounge is a comfortable area for students to gather, study and relax between classes. The lounge is equipped with furniture, games, microwaves, Television and Computers.

ZUVS-HOI is located in Gurugram (known as a financial and technology hub, a city just southwest of New Delhi in northern India), 10 min away from MG Road metro station and very well connected to National Capital Delhi.